Marco Miele


Marco Miele

The Mentalist from Stuttgart

The ability to sense things that cannot be seen is innate in us humans, in the form of “intuition”, an inexplicable sense of premonition…

The mentalist Marco Miele from Stuttgart has inherited a special sensibility in this from his mother already as a toddler. To guess exactly who is calling even before the phone starts to ring or to understand what a person is thinking about: these are phenomena that can hardly be explained but do exist, as the experienced mental magician from Stuttgart knows.

Over the years he has developed this talent into the art of creating connections between people and deeply touching them in unforgettable ways.

Both in his exciting show and in his amazing close-up program, Marco enriches your event with mind-reading, predictions and other paranormal processes, making your special occasion a breathtaking experience for you and your guests!

The real magic that emerges from his art, the deep, authentic emotions of people and a shared sense of connection that spontaneously arises among them, are what the accomplished mentalist Marco Miele cherishes most.

Don’t miss this experience and surprise your customers, guests or employees with unforgettable moments.

The mentalist Marco Miele from Stuttgart will enchant your company party, your wedding or your birthday party according to your wishes!

Many, many thanks Marco for the magical moments you gave us during the celebration of our company anniversary in Singen. You exceeded our highest expectations and enchanted our guests. Through your performance you made sure that this day will be remembered by our guests! We can fully recommend Marco and will certainly book him again for further events! – Gideon Popper, Brillux

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