Interview at Radio Energy


Interview at Radio Energy

An astonishing guest at Radio Energy

Marco Miele tells about himself in an interview at Radio Energy-Stuttgart.

A very special episode in which the magician, mentalist and hypnotist reveals his incredible story: from the first steps towards magic as a child, to the most important achievements in the field of mentalism and hypnosis.

How can you fail to succeed if you do what you love?

Marco Miele Gast bei Radio Energy

How did everything start?

That magic kit received by his parents at the age of 10 left an indelible mark on young Marco. So today the magician from Stuttgart explains how he found the strength to move away from a life of habits and instead move towards what he has always loved.

“Fear of routine and love for life” are the two forces that guided Marco Miele to walk the road to become a professional magician. The abandonment of a successful corporate career to pursue the love for magic: a risk that not everyone would have had the courage to take. After all, what is the point of keep doing something you don’t love to do? “I immediately believed in this vision: if you do something you love, you will succeed”.

Why is magic so special to Marco?

Magic is a way to create bonds between people, taking them away from the sad daily routine for short moments of great amazement. The most important prize for Marco is to get to touch people’s souls, to give them strong emotions and indelible memories. Anyone can learn tricks, but the real magic is to understand people, to know how to observe them and above all to feel them.

As closure, Marco leaves the entire staff speechless with an astonishing act of mental magic, spontaneously involving the employees of the radio. Watch the video to understand how the incredible magician was able to amaze again, even on the radio!

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